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Pr. Benjamin NGUYEN


I have left UVSQ since september 2014 for a full professor position at INSA Centre-Val de Loire. I wholeheartedly thank all the colleagues from Versailles, in particular the members of the Databases teams, and most specially Georges and Philippe, for these wonderful ten years spent together.


Current Interests

My current research focuses on Privacy & Security in Information Management Systems and Applications. More specifically, I am interested in :

  • Methods to enforce existing privacy models using secure hardware devices.
  • Design and implementation of large scale privacy-by-design personal information management applications (in general interdisciplinary research).
  • Models to represent, quantify and enforce limited data collection.

Past Interests

  • Semi-structured Databases (XML), their query languages (XQuery), and in particular temporal/privacy aspects.
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) XML databases, and their confidentiality/security aspects.
  • Ontologies

Contact Me

  • Office CRI 07, INSA Centre Val de Loire, 88 boulevard Lahitolle, CS 60013 - 18022 BOURGES cedex, FRANCE
  • Phone : (+33) 2 48 48 40 94
  • Email : benjamin [dot] nguyen [at] insa-cvl [dot] fr