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I currently hold the following positions :

Other Affiliations

Current Interests

My current research focuses on Privacy & Security in Information Management Systems and Applications. More specifically, I am interested in :

  • Anonymization techniques.
  • Models to represent, quantify and enforce limited data collection.
  • Methods to enforce existing privacy models using secure hardware devices or cryptographic techniques (eg. Blockchain).
  • Design and implementation of large scale privacy-by-design personal information management applications (in general interdisciplinary research).

Current Funded Projects

  • Projet AMI-CMA CyberINSA, PI4 France 2030 Funding
  • Projet PEPR Cybersécurité : iPOP (Interdisciplinary Project on Privacy), ANR Funding
  • Projet PEPR Santé Numérique, ANR Funding
  • Projet ANR PrELAP (Dynamic Epistemic Logics for Privacy), ANR Funding
  • Projet ANR SendUP (SEmantic Networks of Data: Utility and Privacy), ANR Funding
  • Projet ADOPTER (Analyse de Données issues de Tests Volontaires), Région Centre Val de Loire Funding
  • French-Japanese working group on Privacy

Past Interests

  • Contact Tracing Apps in the context of the Covid19 pandemic (in particular ROBERT and DP3T), you might be interested in my presentation
  • Semi-structured Databases (XML), their query languages (XQuery), and in particular temporal/privacy aspects.
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) XML databases, and their confidentiality/security aspects.
  • Ontologies


I am alumnus of :

Contact Me

  • Office SA3.14, INSA Centre Val de Loire, 88 boulevard Lahitolle, CS 60013 - 18022 BOURGES cedex, FRANCE
  • Phone : (+33) 2 48 48 40 94
  • Email : benjamin [dot] nguyen [at] insa-cvl [dot] fr