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  • If you are interested in Contact Tracing Apps in the context of the Covid19 pandemic (in particular ROBERT and DP3T), you might be interested in my presentation
  • We have one open position, starting january : CDI equivalent of senior researchers at INSA Centre Val de Loire / Systems and Data Security team(french and english version). Please contact me for more details.


I currently hold the following positions :

Other Affiliations

Current Interests

My current research focuses on Privacy & Security in Information Management Systems and Applications. More specifically, I am interested in :

  • Anonymization techniques.
  • Models to represent, quantify and enforce limited data collection.
  • Methods to enforce existing privacy models using secure hardware devices or cryptographic techniques (eg. Blockchain).
  • Design and implementation of large scale privacy-by-design personal information management applications (in general interdisciplinary research).

Current Funded Projects

  • Projet ANR PrELAP (Dynamic Epistemic Logics for Privacy), ANR Funding
  • Projet ANR SendUP (SEmantic Networks of Data: Utility and Privacy), ANR Funding
  • Projet ADOPTER (Analyse de Données issues de Tests Volontaires), Région Centre Val de Loire Funding
  • French-Japanese working group on Privacy

Past Interests

  • Semi-structured Databases (XML), their query languages (XQuery), and in particular temporal/privacy aspects.
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) XML databases, and their confidentiality/security aspects.
  • Ontologies


I am alumnus of :

Contact Me

  • Office CRI 07, INSA Centre Val de Loire, 88 boulevard Lahitolle, CS 60013 - 18022 BOURGES cedex, FRANCE
  • Phone : (+33) 2 48 48 40 94
  • Email : benjamin [dot] nguyen [at] insa-cvl [dot] fr

The Flag

flag.jpg This humourous drawing of the French Flag, flanked with a British royal emblem is a reference to my strong English roots (the Kilburn family). It was taken from an article found on an English blog explaining why France should join the Commonwealth. Fortunately, my devoir de réserve proscribes any comments on this question.